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The telephone ________________________________________. (ring) 15. She ________________________________________ on the phone. (talk) 49 Progressive Verb Tenses Writing Past Progressive Tense Remember, the past progressive verb tense indicates continuing action in the past. To form the past progressive tense you use was or were and also add ‘ing’ to the verb. Pretend you have a dog that is always doing things it should not do. Write a descriptive story, from either the boy’s view or from the dog’s view, using past progressive.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exclamatory Sentences 1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 31 Complete Sentences A complete sentence must express a complete thought.

Autumn __________ spring occur when neither part of Earth is pointed directly toward __________ away from the sun. 6. The sequence of the seasons during the year is summer, autumn, winter, __________ then spring. 7. Earth rotates on its axis __________ completes one rotation in 24 hours. 8. The sun rises in the east __________ sets in the west. 9. Right now it is daylight on this side of the world, __________ it is dark on the other side of the world. 10. The Earth is rotating __________ revolving at the same time.

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