A Grammar of Lezgian by Martin Haspelmath

By Martin Haspelmath

The sequence builds an in depth selection of prime quality descriptions of languages all over the world. each one quantity bargains a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a glossary and different appropriate info that's to be had at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language relations or sector, and even if distinct recognition is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and useful remedies of higher recognized languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive ordinary of clinical caliber.

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Table 1. 3. A user's guide to this grammar 11 verbal categories nastojaäiee I nastojaäiee II buduäiee proäedäee nesoveräennoe I proäedäee nesoveräennoe II proäedäee nesoveräennoe III buduäiee predpoloZitel'noe I buduäiee predpolo2itel'noe II proäedäee I proäedäee II proäedäee III davnoproSedäee I davnoproäedäee II celevaja forma povelitel'noe nakl. 1st person Imperfective Continuative Imperfective Future Past Imperfective Continuative Past Imperfective Past Future Archaic Future Archaic Past Future Aorist Archaic Preterit Perfect Past Aorist Past Perfect Infinitive/Imperfective converb Hortative Imperative Optative Masdar Note that I follow Comrie's (1976) convention of capitalizing languageparticular morphological categories such as Ergative case or Past Future tense, whereas universal or purely semantic categories are not capitalized.

These two phonemes have a rather marginal status. ). The long vowels are thus the result of compensatory lengthening. g. came' 'out of the heart' However, this pronunciation is not obligatory, and a pronunciation closer to the spelling is also possible, especially in careful speech. 2. 1. /aJ has two main allophones which are perceived as rather different by the speakers: the mid [Λ] and the low [a]. The low [a] occurs before uvulars and Μ in closed syllables, and [λ] occurs elsewhere (Kodzasov 1990:341).

Povest'. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz. [My seven brothers. Short novel] H82: Hajdarov (1982) (see bibliography) HQ89: Qurban, Hakim. 1989. Jaru mäden. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz. [The red mine] J84: Isaev, Samsudin. 1984. Rexi qwan. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz. [The grey stone] J89: Jaraliev, Jaq'ub. 1989. Alamatdin Urui. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz. [Marvelous Uru2] K57: Kononov, A. 1957. Leninakaj rasskazar. Maxaikala: Dagestanskoe kni2noe izdatel'stvo. [Stories about Lenin] M79: Minha2ev, Serker. 1979. Laxta taitaj iwi.

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