Aikido in Everyday Life: Giving in to Get Your Way by Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

Clash is an unavoidable element of dwelling. The overdue popular aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash answer. "Attack-tics" is a method of clash answer in response to the foundations of aikido, the non-violent martial artwork Morihei Ueshiba created after global conflict II. now not all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.

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Control is more difficult to establish. Control is the result of the force of your argument; you are, in effect, leading your opponent to see Your Conflict Options 45 things from your perspective, to understand where he's made his error, to refrain from keeping the fight going out of spite or arrogance. You stand the best chance for succeeding at control by fighting fair and staying specific. Unfair fighting in human relationships only causes your opponent to fight harder, to become more unbalanced.

The stranger carried, besides his sword, a huge quarterstaff, full seven feet long, thick and heavy, a tremendous cudgel. He now quietly leaned upon it and smiled as he said, "And why should I stand aside for you, archer? " So Robin laid aside his great bow of Spanish yew and his quiver of sharp-pointed arrows, and ran to a thicket beside the stream, and cut himself a stout staff of ground oak. When he came back with his stick the stranger was still resting on his quarterstaff in the middle of the bridge.

To recap, then, in any conflict situation we have the following options open to us: I) Fighting Back 2) Withdrawal 34 Aikido in Everyday Life 3) Parley 4) Doing Nothing 5) Deception 6) Aiki (Confluence) It is of paramount importance to understand that in Attack-tics these options do not contain within them any value connotations whatsoever. So long as they are consciously applied, they are neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong. They are appropriate to an event of conflict or they are inappropriate to an event of conflict.

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