Alvin Schwartz by Jill C. Wheeler

By Jill C. Wheeler

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Horseclans 09 - The Witch Godess

The story is decided in precataclysmic North the US, nearly six hundred years after nuclear warfare, man-induced plagues, and around the world seismic disturbances have thrown humanity right into a brutal pre-industrial age. a lot of California and the East Coast have sunk into the ocean. What is still of the japanese states, from Canada to Georgia, has been settled by means of waves of dark-skinned and dark-haired adventurers from Europe (Spaniards, Greeks, Armenians, and so forth.

Armageddon-2419 A.D.

The unique dollar Rogers novella from 1928! Mining engineer Anthony Rogers is trapped by way of a mine cave in and falls right into a nation of suspended animation end result of the presence of radioactive gases. He awakens approximately years later, to a usa that has been conquered by means of the chinese language. utilizing his 20th-century army wisdom, he is helping the down-trodden americans take again their nation.

Etidorhpa or The End of the Earth

Released via John Uri Lloyd, Cincinnati, 1895, Illustrations by means of J. Augustus Knapp. tough disguise. First variation. Author's variation, restricted. 376pp. Brown textile with gilt lettering and layout on hide and backbone. Gilt on best of pages. it is a scarce first variation. on the entrance of the booklet are pages containing a hand-written observe from the writer to the recipients of the Author's variation.

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To stalk a bird or to bring down game for the table are the things I find to my liking. ” I asked her, though I felt sure that was what she meant. Her lip curled delicately, and I could see the pale gleam of one fang. Another touch of claws into my shoulder told me that I had pushed my good fortune as far as it was safe to go. ” I assured her. ” Her instructions were brief and accurate. I found him within minutes, for he was near the Clan-place. This was a really strange creature. He was, as she had indicated, different from those others who were making chaos of the wood.

We are not enemies of the Khi, even though we rejected their ancient offer to civilize us. Those of our descent are not easily molded into any pattern except their own. Yet we are not thereby rendered crude, uncivilized, or stupid. You have watched those alien beings in the forest. They are dangerous to all they meet—that is obvious even to the youngest. This one, so like and yet so unlike, must be linked with them in some way. If he were of their mind-shape, he would know nothing of the Khi. He would want to go anyplace else but to their valley.

With little hope of success, I tried her with some Varlian, but she hissed disdainfully and swept a hand crosswise before her. I took that to mean no. Then I made the shape of the Khi, as Lime had done, with my two hands and pretended to fold an invisible napkin. Her eyes narrowed. A stream of soft hisses and sibilants issued from her almost-lipless mouth. I didn’t know whether to be encouraged or the reverse, but I persisted, gesturing toward the west and indicating by walking my fingers down the branch that I wanted to go there.

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