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The Council of International Programs Chicago

is a non-profit international educational exchange program, committed to promoting international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange.

CIP Chicago is an affiliate of CIP USA, which was founded in 1957 to promote cross-cultural exchange between the U.S. and post war Germany.

Over the years CIP has brought nearly 10,000 international professionals from 147 countries to the United States for practical training.

Host families

Would you like to experience the joy of hosting a CIP participant? Have you ever experienced the joy of hosting an international professional in your home? Would you like to join a dynamic group of host families by hosting an international professional in your house and thereby providing your guest with an enriching experience he/she will cherish for life?

Some of our host families have enjoyed hosting so much that they have done it for over 45 years! They, their children, and grandchildren have grown in the company of international professionals!

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CIP offers a great opportunity to volunteer. You can choose from a variety of roles, some short-term some longer! CIP is a volunteer-led organization. Volunteers play a crucial role in accomplishing the mission of CIP Chicago – promoting global peace and cross-cultural understanding.

You may serve for a day, assist with one specific, one-time event or an ongoing basis.

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The Council of International Programs (CIP) provides work-based training and cultural exchange opportunities for professionals from almost any part of the world!


In partnership with Discovery Journey, CIP offers a variety of internship opportunities, whether you are a recent graduate, an undergraduate or a graduate student.


Nonprofits in the Chicagoland and neighboring regions. We can help you onboard well-motivated and talented professionals from abroad.


CIP offers training in the following fields listed below:
Law - Finance - Business - Journalism - Commerce - Social Work - Management - Communication - Library - Science - Computer Science - Special Education - Public Administration - Information Media - Educational Administration.

Group Training


Group Trainings organized

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We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.

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