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The Council of International Programs (CIP) provides work-based training and cultural exchange opportunities for professionals from almost any part of the world! The eligibility criteria include, at the very least a bachelor’s degree and two years’ experience at his or her profession.

Opportunities are available for accountants, administrators, architects, computer/IT specialists, health specialists, marketing specialists, social workers, teachers, web designers, and professionals from other fields. Duration may vary from one to eighteen months.

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Group Training

Community Connections Program

The Community Connections Program, funded through the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia at USAID, is designed to promote public diplomacy through the exchange of cultural ideas and values between participants, U.S. families, and local host organizations.

The Community Connections Program offers home-stays based on practical training opportunities in the U.S. for entrepreneurs, local government officials, legal professionals, non-governmental organization leaders, and other professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Local community host organizations – including Colleagues International – arrange internships for participants based on interests and experiences.

...The Open World Program builds mutual understanding between the United States and the participating country by opening and maintaining new avenues of dialogue between political and civic leaders in the U.S. and a new generation of foreign leaders. The program’s civic delegations focus on one of eight themes: economic development, education reform, environment, federalism, health, rule of law, women as leaders, or youth issues

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Open World Program

The Open World Program enables emerging foreign leaders to experience U.S. democracy and free enterprise in action in communities across the United States, including Colleagues International. During ten-day trips, Open World participants learn about the roles and interrelationships of the three different branches and levels of the U.S. government. They also examine how the U.S. private and nonprofit sectors help meet social and civic needs



If your company wants to train a group of your staff/workers in a specific area of expertise, CIP will design and organize a short-term professional development program for your group. Duration may vary from one to eight weeks depending on your needs. Costs need to be covered by the team of trainees, the employers, or a third party..

Our recent groups included those from Belarus, Buryatia, Ethiopia, Georgia (5 groups), Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia (4), to Turkmenistan (2), and other countries. Topics of group training included: Child Protection, Community Colleges, Community-Based Services for Vulnerable Children, Credit Union, Domestic Violence, Entrepreneurship, Micro Finance, Municipal Budgeting and Accounting, Research, Small Business, Sports, Vocational Education/Training, Wine Making, Women in Business, Youth Development, Protection of Whistleblowers, and many more. Let us know your training need, your group size (approximate), preferred month or dates of training, and if you would like us to include a few days of cultural/educational tour as part of the professional development experience. We shall get back to you with a suggested outline for your review. Training can take place at your own site or elsewhere, regardless of the country.

CIP Chicago has served hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the Chicagoland area over the last 50+ years, finding and placing highly talented, motivated, and committed professionals from all over the world into these organizations. These individuals have come to work with their staff anywhere from one to eighteen months, made a significant contribution, and returned home with an enriching experience of serving a noble cause and working in an environment that is culturally and organizationally very different from their own

Countries from where we brought professionals recently include: Benin, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Nigeria, Salvation Army, South Africa, and Spain. Organizations where these professionals served include: Catholic Charities, Chicago Commons, Cook County Juvenile Justice Center, DCFS, Howard Area Community Center, Lake Country Family Services, Lawrence Hall, Loyola University, Maplebrook School, National Louis University, Salvation Army, and UCAN.

CIP Chicago has several local and state government agencies that find and place professionals with strong background in a variety of public service areas and highly relevant expertise such as those in management, information technology, budgeting, finance, and web-design. These individuals have come to serve the government organization anywhere from one to eighteen months, made a significant contribution, and returned home with an enriching experience of serving a noble cause and gaining the experience of working for a government institution.

Please note that you’ll not only receive the services of a highly qualified and motivated professional with a deep sense of commitment and service but also make a contribution to the life and career of this individual along with his/her community and country. Would you like to have one or two such professionals at your division?

If your agency wants to enhance the knowledge and skills of a group of your staff in a specific area of expertise, CIP Chicago can design and organize professional development for them. Duration may vary from one week to eight weeks depending on the needs and interests of the group. Costs need to be covered by the group members, your organization, or the government. By consulting with you, we shall determine the site/ professional development venue regardless of the country.

Our recent group trainings included: Belarus (Higher Education Management), Buryatia (Youth Development), Ethiopia (Entrepreneurship), Georgia (University Administration, Community College, Vocational Training, and Research), Germany, Kyrgyzstan (Journalism and Investigative Journalism), Moldova (Small Business Development), Serbia (Women’s Entrepreneurship and Domestic/Family Violence) Russia (Child Protection, Community-Based Services for Vulnerable Children, Municipal Management, and Budgeting), Turkmenistan (Juvenile Justice), and Uzbekistan (Credit Union and Banking).

We’re so glad you’re interested in volunteering! 

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